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help with G9 teaming

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help with G9 teaming

Pulling my hair out here!


We have new G9 servers (380, 360 etc) and configuring our build to work on these hardware - everything is scripted/automated. I noticed that NCU is now no longer supported! We are still on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and not looking to going to 2012 anytime soon yet.


The server I have has two NICs - one is HP 366FLR and the other is a broadcom 331i....I tried NCU and it is not seeing, I need another way to automate/script our build.


I tried BACs but that is not teaming on the HP 366FLR (says the adaptor is not compatible) but it can team (or add) the 331i at least....


So, NCU does not like the broadcom and vice versa for BACs (it does not like the HP NIC) !!!!


We have thousands of servers so trying to figure out how I am meant to do this? Can someone please help - how do I go around getting a tool that can look at the two cards and team them? We use Intel, HP and Broadcom across the board so I am worried about if I put a Intel in the server will BACs even be able to team it as well (since 366FLR underlieing chipset is Intel).


I could try Intel Teaming driver - but at the moment it just seems like I am all over the place just to get a software to work with two vendors on a server.


Is the recommendation going forward that the same vendor card should NOT be used on a server? Surely not?!

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Re: help with G9 teaming

Actually  BAC is the best choice so far, since HP hasn't release new version of NCU.


I found another post in the forum that is similar to your situation, you can have a read on it! HP Gen9 NIC Teaming