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how can i access the bios on a proliant ML530 server?

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how can i access the bios on a proliant ML530 server?

having issues with heat sensors and want to disable them but cant seem to access the BIOS on the server. anyone know???
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Re: how can i access the bios on a proliant ML530 server?

Hi Sean,

You can't modify any of the heat sensor settings other than perhaps change the BIOS setting for thermal shutdown from enabled to disabled. If this is an original ML530 (G1) then it should have the Compaq system partition installed (if it was built using Smartstart). To access the system partition press F10 when the system beeps and the cursor jumps to the top right of the screen during power-on selftests (POST), just prior to the point where it would normally boot from hard disk.

If you don't have a system partition then you can boot from the Smartstart CD (Versions 5.50 and below for G1 systems).
The ISO image for Smarstart 5.50 can be found here.

Alternatively you can build bootable floppy diskettes and use them to access the system BIOS. (4 floppy disks required).

The ML530 G1 can suffer from heat problems if there is a DLT drive installed in the media bay. I think there was a modification to add a fan behind the media bay to take care of this. If you need any more help just post a new reply.

I hope this helps.