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how to cascade kvm switch options ?

George Quist
Frequent Advisor

how to cascade kvm switch options ?

Hello ...

I have 4 older Compaq kvm switch options that are part # 242695-001. Need to work with what I have to get at least 24 ports ..

cables to use ?
ports to cascade from ?
F2 setup paramaters to tweak ?

any help appreciated !
Daniel Thrun
Valued Contributor

Re: how to cascade kvm switch options ?

Greetings. I could not find which KVM from the HP website that you are using etc. We have in the past used the really ancient ones (dark beige) and to be honest if this is the model I do not think these can be cascaded or at least we never tried it...

For the Newer Compaq KVM's that are light beige in color and come in either a 1 x 8 or 2x8 configurations these can and we have cascaded them. I think the limit is 32, or 48 or 64 connections though..

At least you can try this if it is the older model...

We used the standard Compaq KVM Cables (male ends both sides)
We used PORT 8 on the KVM's to be the "CASCADE PORT"
1st KVM PORT 8 would be cabled with KVM cables to the "CONSOLE" Port of the Second KVM, Repeat this for every KVM. (where the monitor/keyboard/mouse would be cabled up to)

We then went into the KVM and set the PORT 8 to be labelled as CASCADE PORT in the views.
Next step was to either set the port configuration (forgot what the 2 types are)
and that should do it.

When you need to hit the other cascaded consoles you would goto PORT 8 and then hit ENTER. Depressing the PRINT SCREEN several times should also bring up the other Cascades KVM's

We just used the last port on each KVM to be the cascade as it made sense, that way you knew that the first 7 ports were directly connected and not cascade ports.

Trusted Contributor

Re: how to cascade kvm switch options ?

The part you mentioned is a Keyboard/Monitor/Mouse Switch Box (242695-001) KMM Switch Box 8PT/1U US

And the instructions to do what you are trying to do are here:


You heve a question... I have an aswer!!!