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how to configure RAID 5 on DL380G7

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how to configure RAID 5 on DL380G7

hi all,

i have DL380G7 and have 3 SAS disks plug in newly. i want to configure this server as RAID 5.
everything is new and i dont have anything still in disks. Pls Guide me how i can do that.

Please Guide me step by step.
Any help will be appreciated.
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Re: how to configure RAID 5 on DL380G7

The server has a P410 embedded raid controller.
You can get into the raid configuration utility (ORCA) during boot up by hitting the F8 key when prompted. It should be intuitive to set up the raid5 array. page 9

Also if you boot from the Smartstart CD you can use ACU.
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Re: how to configure RAID 5 on DL380G7

Pressing F8 as the system boots and when prompted to do so should give you the config utility for configuring your disks as RAiD5.

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Re: how to configure RAID 5 on DL380G7

hello there,
very many thanks for ur quick reply
can any one guide me step by step that what i have to do after pressing F8 . coz i m very new in hardware configuration...

pls guide me step by step

Thanks in advance
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Re: how to configure RAID 5 on DL380G7

Default configuration settings are applied to the server at one of the following times:
â ¢ Upon the first system power-up
â ¢ After defaults have been restored
Default configuration settings are sufficient for proper typical server operation, but configuration settings can be modified using RBSU. The system will prompt you for access to RBSU with each power-up.

The auto-configuration process automatically runs when you boot the server for the first time. During the power-up sequence, the system ROM automatically configures the entire system without needing any
intervention. During this process, the ORCA utility, in most cases, automatically configures the array to a default setting based on the number of drives connected to the server.

If the boot drive is not empty or has been written to in the past, ORCA does not
automatically configure the array. You must run ORCA to configure the array settings.

for 3-6 it will configure RAID 5 automatically.
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Re: how to configure RAID 5 on DL380G7

yes i find HP Documentation very helpful on this topic. thanks all