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how to disable the memory interleaving?

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how to disable the memory interleaving?


I've just added 512 mb in my ML350 g3.
I've now 3 * 512mb
but the system put the third memory in interleaving mode and I don't want this.

BUt I've not found where to disable the memory interleaving!

there is nothing on the doc and nothing on the web...
any idea?
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: how to disable the memory interleaving?

Hi Jerome:

try putting the memory dimms in slot 2,3,4

this should disable the interleaved.

there is no option in bios to disable the interleaved; it is how you setup the memory on the server per slot.

Hey, look a light at the end of the tunnel.
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Re: how to disable the memory interleaving?

I'll try this.

there is any benchmark ciomparison between interleaved and non-interleaved memory configuration?
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Re: how to disable the memory interleaving?


I've changed my memory configuration to use the slots 2,3 and 4 but in this configuration the server continue to detect 1gb and non-interleaving!!!

I've tried a lot of combinations without success. the system allways detect 1gb and some times in interleaving mode and sometimes in non-interleaving mode.

its a real problem to have no control on this little option!
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Re: how to disable the memory interleaving?

For better performance you should have only MATCHED PAIRS of DIMMs

Interleaving is automatic - you cannot stop or start it, except by the way you install your DIMMs


For background information on the Intel Dual Channel Memory Architecture, please see these documents:

Intel Dual Channel DDR Memory Architecture White Paper

Dual Channel DDR400 memory can balance the performance of the Intel Pentium 4 processor with 800MHz front side bus.

Personal Experience

In June 2005 I received a ProLiant ML110 G2 with a single factory-fitted 256MB DIMM. I installed a matched pair of PC3200/DDR400 DIMMs - in the correct sockets - and measured the following memory performance improvement:

ProLiant ML110 G2 ( Model 382050 / Pentium 4, 3.2GHz )
Single DIMM 2947 MBytes / sec
Dual DIMMs 4664 MBytes / sec
( SiSoft SANDRA benchmark )

The Intel and Kingston documents suggest that this results in a 10-25% improvement in overall system performance.

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Re: how to disable the memory interleaving?

Ok if you looking for performance... really bad if you looking for memory capacity !!!

I have to pay twice the price to have my 2Gb of memory and I'm not looking for performance.
Today the advantage of the interleaving is lost because my system swap on the disks too many times.

also, on a second server I'll install virtual server, and again I need capacity not performance. so I have to pay 8Gb to have 4Gb available!!!! its not an option. I prefer to pay 8Gb and having 8Gb and paying a second CPU to improve the peformance.

does all the HP server has this option on by default?