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how to enable ADG (RAID 6) on DL380 G4?

Michael Luo
Occasional Visitor

how to enable ADG (RAID 6) on DL380 G4?

newbie question:

I have a DL380 G4 with 6*146G hard drives. How may I configure them to use RAID 6?

I searched HP.com for documents, but couldn't find an answer.

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Re: how to enable ADG (RAID 6) on DL380 G4?

it could be using ORCA - f8 after the server recognize the controller (this is a programa with simple GUI)

or using Array configuration utility (ACU)
download it from hp.com

one tip no all controllers support RAID 6

ACU manual


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Louis Henninger_1
Regular Advisor

Re: how to enable ADG (RAID 6) on DL380 G4?

If they are SCSI disks, you can use SmartStart to configure your server, in doing that you also have the option to run the ACU (Array Configuration Utility).

You can either run the "wizards" to configure your disks or select create array on right hand side. Select either 5 or all disks, and save changes. Then create logical drive, again on right side. There will be a drop down box as to available choices the controller gives for creating the logical drive, based on the number of disks selected when creating the array. Ack all popups, and save changes. the controller will create the logical drive within the array. There may be a warning message about "parity checking being queued", or something like that. This is normal.

If you are setting up this server, I recommend using Smart Start. You should have gotten a copy with your server when new, but if not you can order it or download it from here:


Michael Luo
Occasional Visitor

Re: how to enable ADG (RAID 6) on DL380 G4?

Thank you very much for the info!

I'm running VMWare ESX. So I guess ORCA and SmartStart ACU is the only two options.

In ORCA and ACU (boot from SmartStart CD), I only got the options of RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5 AND 5 with online spare. I did see the RAID 6 options.

But during the system POST, I saw some message saying ADG was disabled. I was wondering if there's a option to disable or enable ADG? Or is it limted by the SmartArray firmware version? The server was purchased in 2006.
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Re: how to enable ADG (RAID 6) on DL380 G4?

Do you have BBWC? and, do you know teh advantages and disavantages of RAID 6? if write performance is lower than RAID 5 and the available space is the same..

The main disadvantage of RAID ADG is a relatively low write-performance
(lower than RAID 5), because of the need for two sets of parity data.

http://docs.hp.com/en/347914-001/347914-001.pdf ( Page 47 )
Michael Luo
Occasional Visitor

Re: how to enable ADG (RAID 6) on DL380 G4?


I was considering 'RAID5 + online spare' and RAID 6. Since my application doesn't write too much data to the hard drive, I guess the performance would be OK. Just curious why the RAID 6 option didn't even show up in configuration utilities.