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how to extend volume of drive D

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how to extend volume of drive D

Hi, i have a server: HP DL-380-G6-E5540
i have 3 harddisks each 300GB using RAID 5.
O/S: MS windows 2008 server.

my drive D is almost fullfilled.
i want to extend volume of my drive D , without create new partition or new volume.

i've bought 3 other hard disks.
by using the Array Configuration Utility,
i plan to extend the array first and expand the logical drive.

but in array configuration utility, there is only option: create new array.

should i buy a smart array "battery back write cache" (bbwc) first?

what can i do to extend the volume of my drive : D?
Michael A. McKenney
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Re: how to extend volume of drive D

Most of HPs controllers require a battery backup Cache to modify arrays. I would also recommend RAID 1 for your OS and paging/swap files. You don't want RAID 5 for OS. It can cause issues if it loses a drive. Microsoft recommends RAID 1 or RAID 10 for OS and paging/swap files.