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how-to install/configure online spare memory in HP Proliant Gen8 server

Alan Buynak
Occasional Advisor

how-to install/configure online spare memory in HP Proliant Gen8 server

Hello.  I purchased a DL360p Gen8 server with six 8 GB DDR3 DIMMs so that I could have 32 GB of RAM and two online spares.  So in board 1 I installed two of the DIMMs and the same in board 2.  So far so good:  The system recognizes the 32 Gigs and so does the O/S (Win 2008 R2 Server Std Ed).  However, I cannot find the document that explains what slots to use for the online spares, and how do I tell the BIOS that these are spares?  I tried using the last slots in boards 1 and 2 (as a guess) but the bios says they are not installed correctly.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jimmy Vance

Re: how-to install/configure online spare memory in HP Proliant Gen8 server

The Quickspecs has this information on memory configuration. I think the decal on the may contain similar info


General Memory Population Rules and Guidelines:

  • White DIMM slots denote the first slot of a channel. For 1 DPC (DIMM per channel) populate white slots only.
  • A minimum of one DIMM is required per server.
  • When using HDIMM, 12 DIMMs per processor must be populated.
  • Install DIMMs only if the corresponding processor is installed.
  • If only one processor is installed in a two processor system, only half of the DIMM slots are available.
  • To maximize performance, it is recommended to balance the total memory capacity between all installed
    processors and to load the channels similarly whenever possible.
  • When two processors are installed, balance the DIMMs across the two processors.
  • Populate DIMMs from heaviest load (quad-rank) to lightest load (single-rank) within a channel. Heaviest load
    (DIMM with most ranks) within a channel goes furthest from the processor.
  • The Intel Xeon E5-2620 processor does not support DIMMs at 1.35V. Using the HP RBSU, 1.35V DIMMs
    can be changed to operate at 1.5V.
  • Do not mix UDIMMs, RDIMMs,LRDIMMs or HDIMMs.
  • RDIMMs operating at either 1.35V or 1.5V may be mixed in any order, but the system will power them at the
    higher voltage.
  • DIMMs of different speeds may be mixed in any order; the server will select a common optimal speed.
  • The maximum memory speed is a function of the memory type, memory configuration, and processor model.
  • The maximum memory capacity is a function of the memory type and number of installed processors.
  • HP memory from previous generation servers is not compatible with the DL360p Gen8 Server. Certain HP
    SmartMemory features such as memory authentication and enhanced performance may not be supported.
  • To realize the performance memory capabilities listed in this document, HP SmartMemory is required. For
    additional information, please see the HP SmartMemory QuickSpecs at: (Worldwide)
  • For memory population rules and additional memory guidelines, please see the DL360p Gen8 user guide at
  • There are four (4) Memory channels per processor; eight (8) channels per 2 processor server .
  • There are three (3) DIMM slots for each memory channel; twenty four (24) total slots for 2 processor server .
  • Memory channels1 and 3 consists of the three (3) DIMMs that are furthest from the processor .
  • Memory channel 2 and 4 consists of the three (3) DIMMs that are closest to the processor.


Page 46 of the users guide also has details on memory



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