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how to rebuild mirror on Dl360G4

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how to rebuild mirror on Dl360G4


Have a DL 360 g4 with a mirrored pair of scsi hard drives. One looks like its failed. (see attached pics). I have a replacement drive. Is it just a case of taking the failed drive out and the system will auto-rebuild the mirror or do I have to reconfigure the array?

If so, can anyone point me to a how-to guide?

It's a smart array 6i controller

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: how to rebuild mirror on Dl360G4

Hi John,

Yes. Just pull the failed drive and insert the replacement.

The array should start rebuilding automatically.


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Re: how to rebuild mirror on Dl360G4

Hi John,

If you click on the Status Messages icon you should get more information on the failure however the drive should have a solid amber led lit to indicate that it has been failed by the controller and is ready for replacement.

If the led is solid amber you simply pull out the faulty drive and replace it with the same type. When the drive comes up to speed within a few seconds the centre led will flash roughly every second indicating that it is rebuilding. You can view the rebuild status with ACU if you click on the logical drive and select "more information". It should present you with a percentage rebuild status at the bottom of the page. Once rebuilt, the centre led will be steady green.

See the attached pdf file for the drive leds and when it is safe to replace a drive online (i.e. without shutting the system down).

I hope this helps,