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how to start array rebuild

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luca buglioni
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how to start array rebuild

hi to everybody i'va a big problem with one of my server, i have two logical array created on the SmartArray E200i Controller one disk is failed, i've changed it and the controller star the rebuild of this disk.
After the end of the rebuild the status of the first array is "queued for rebuilding"

how can i start the rebuild of the array, if i can.

And when I reboot the server, it was display after initialize Smart Array Controller as:

1786-Slot 0 Drive Array Recovery Needed.
The following disk drive(s) need Automatic Data Recovery (Rebuild):
Port 1I: Box 1: Bay 1
Select "F1" to retry Automatic Data Recovery
Select "F2" to continued without starting Automatic Data Recovery
(RESUME = "F1" OR "F2" KEY [default = "F1" in 2 seconds]

Thanks in advice.
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Re: how to start array rebuild

> Port 1I: Box 1: Bay 1

Is this the replaced disk? (most likely it is)

Did you press F1 or F2?
> (RESUME = "F1" OR "F2" KEY [default = "F1" in 2 seconds]
What happened after the 2 seconds passed?

By default it would start the F1 action which is to do the data recovery.

Did you notice a lot of disk activity which would indicate that the disk is rebuilding? This can take a lot of time.

What is the server doing right now?
luca buglioni
Occasional Visitor

Re: how to start array rebuild

hi to TTr

the disk is into the bay 2 i've made a type mistake sorry!!
anyway :
the disk is obviusly the replace disk when i replace the disk i've reboot the server and i 've pressed F1 when windows 2003 come up i've lunch the ACU and automatically the rebuild of array was started, at the end of the rebuild into the additional information of the array at the "status" voice i see this: "waiting for rebuild"

in addiction when i try to copy some file to the server from any network location the server crash and there is nothing to do, so i must shutdown the server by the start button.'
dou you have any idea?

Re: how to start array rebuild

May not be much help but I know that a rebuild can take some 24hrs on a large drive. Mine just reported "Rebuild" as the state. I would not have thought it was necessary to do anything unless the drive perhaps needs reformatting (I created the same same partitions with ntfs from the OS and left it to rebuild). I also noted that tow of the partitions seemed to be formatted RAW and changed them to ntfs. Hope that helps!
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Re: how to start array rebuild

Are you sure the rebuild finished? Observer the disks and see if there is intense light activity that would indicate a rebuild process.

Also in ACU check the status of each disk, logical disk and array. You might see something about what state they are in.

Something else to consider is, firmware upgrades and ACU upgrades as well.

Take a full backup of your data right now. It is always a good idea when you do are working with the disks.

Re: how to start array rebuild

We have the same problem which pops up occasionally on our ML350 G5 servers with the Smart Array E200i controller. They continue to run and the OS appears to be fine.

We have 4 x 146 GB drives with 1 logical disk.

The state of the logical drive is left as "Ready for rebuild".

Order of post errors:
1789-Drive Not Responding, Physical Drive
1787-Drive Array Operating in Interim Recovery Mode
1786-Drive Array Recovery Needed

During boot, the array attempts to rebuild itself but fails.

We do not always receive the 1789 alert indicating a failed drive which is weird.

To date, we've had 7 servers with this issue. The first time this happened, it looked like a failed drive so I replaced the disk in question. That was a bad idea because it corrupted the logical drive and the OS was toast.

These servers get in this fragile state and we have to be very cautious troubleshooting because we CANNOT restore or rebuild the OS due to internal limitations.... Long story..

Upgrading the FW could possibly help but due to the nature and importance of these servers, toasting another OS is too risky. We're basically letting them run as is until the department which owns the OS and application can get a new image ready. But this will take another 5-6 months.

These servers are about 4 years behind on FW, BIOS and agent updates with plans to update in the next month or so..
E200i Firmware: 1.20
BIOS: D21-11/08/2006

Any ideas???