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hp SUM issues


hp SUM issues

I managed to create a custom image to include the HP SUM, after FINALLY getting it to boot up, it ran once, created a baseline and now it just hangs.  Yes, I made sure the components added were for my server.  So what the hell?  Can someone please tell me how to get my server updated.  No I do not have an OS installed, No, I can't connect to ANYTHING, nor can I connect ANYTHING to my server. All I can do is use bootable DVDs. 


this is the worst process, I have ever encountered in my 17 years as an admin.  HP doesn't take in to consideration, that there just might be environments, that ABSOLUTELY can not connect to ANYTHING!  So why not just bring the **bleep** CDs back.  or make them easily manageable.   No, I can't use Dual layer DVDs, so yes, I have to be sure it fits on a regular DVD...NO this isn't my company's policy, its DOD policy, mind you who HPE just happens to have a billion dollar contract with. 



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Re: hp SUM issues

What are you looking to update wtih SUM?   You can perform offline updates on the system ROM and iLO without the need for SUM.  Go to the HP Support Center site:

Find your server model and select drivers and software.  From the OS selection you will find OS Independant which will provide access to files that can be stored on a USB key.



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