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hp b120i controller with p222/512 MB FBWC controller

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hp b120i controller with p222/512 MB FBWC controller

hello everybody,

i face some issue with 8 new dl320e gen8 servers we just purchased. here are some component of the servers:

2 450GB SAS hard drive

embedded b120i controller

pci p222 controller with 512 MB FBWC

the b120i controller is the default boot controller, each time i boot the server, no raid automatically configured, i went into intelligent provisionning, all controller show warnings, no disque to configure (see capture1-2-3). i went visited a post where a learned that the b120i controller supports only SATA Hard Drives.

My question is: is it possible to use P222 controller as the default contoller for the server, use it for SAShard drives and configure my raid on them?

right now i'm far form the server that's why i cannot try what i'm asking, thanks to help me understand the issue.


ps: warning message in picture 4

Jimmy Vance

Re: hp b120i controller with p222/512 MB FBWC controller

Yes, install the P222 controller and move the cable from the embedded controller port to the P222 controller. During POST press F9 to get ing to RBSU Under Boot Controller Order set the P222 as the  1st controller. You can also go into System Options -  SATA Controller options and change from B120i mode to SATA AHCI, this will slightly speed up the boot process

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Re: hp b120i controller with p222/512 MB FBWC controller

Hi Jimmy,

thank for your answer, i think that this was my mistake. i tried the solution of using the p222 controller, set it as boot controller, but i did not move the cable.

tank a lot, and thank HP!!!