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hp blade bl35 and SAN connectivity kit and GBE 2 switch

Osama Odeh_1
Regular Advisor

hp blade bl35 and SAN connectivity kit and GBE 2 switch

how can i connect hp bl35 with SAN if i have 4 x bl20 and 8 x bl35 connectivity kit
if I have one SAN conectivity installed on right GBE2


Honored Contributor

Re: hp blade bl35 and SAN connectivity kit and GBE 2 switch

I am not sure what is your concern, but if you are thinking how to connect BL35p, then bear in mind each couple of them run on a private FC loop.

It means that each top & bottom BL35p share external FC ports - FC port 1 from top blade & FC port 1 from bottom blade goes to one side of the enclosure & FC port 2 from top blade & FC port 2 from bottom blade goes to the other side.

Don't panic! [THGTTG]
Mike Gentles

Re: hp blade bl35 and SAN connectivity kit and GBE 2 switch

The first reply gets you started along the right path. The BL20p are direct pathways and the BL35 use a loop in the rear of the sleeve. You will see on the Octal FC cube that is in the back of the Gbe2 switch that the 8 ports are labelled. Starting in the top left with S1 and going down and back up in the shape of a U to S8. This represents Slot 1 thru 8 as they are numbered left to right in the front of the enclosure. So if the BL20p's are in the first 4 slots, the the left side of each Octal FC cube are the connections for those blades. Since the A switch is on hte left from the front of hte enclosure, or right when plugging cables in from the back, the is PORT 1 for all fiber connections and the B side is PORT 2 for everything. When the cables are then plugged into an external SAN switch, ensure that the ports come up as F_Ports. For the BL35p's, the blades in the same slot share the physical ports on the Octal FC cube. For example, if yotu have 2 35p's in slot 5 of hte enclosure, then the A cube S5 connection is PORT 1 for both server 5 and 13, and the same thing for PORT 2 coming from the B side cube. You must ensure that hte port that you plug into on the external switch is set to, or auto senses, L_Port to accept multiple WWID's being represent on the cable. Otherwise, only the top bl35p's will show up on the SAN and the bottom will not.

Hope this helps

Mike Gentles