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I'm sure this isn't the correct forum, but I couldn't identify what that might be.  I'm trying to find a list of the keywords.  I know there is a lot of them, but doing a search on google doesn't lead me to them.  Anyone know where I can find it?  :)



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Re: keywords

Not sure we publish the entire list outside HP.

One of my colleagues got a copy directly from Corporate Marketing back in May of this year and it has around 1000 entries in an Excel sheet.

Were you looking for any in particular or even a family? (ProLiant vs Network vs ES, etc)
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Re: keywords

No, I just couldn't remember them.  I know one of the sales engineers told me several.  I just wanted a better way of finding things on the hp web page.  I think they should publish it somewhere.  I don't think they are proprietary?


Thanks for the feedback.  :)

Re: keywords

Years ago when the GO page was set up, if you typed a word it didn't know about, it provided a list of all of the known words.  (I don't remember if they had descriptions too?)

Not sure why they removed this feature?


>I think they should publish it somewhere.


It's probably easier to use google to find what you want.  Or if you use:  :-)

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Re: keywords

Yes, I usually use Google.  :)


Didn't know about the search.  Thanks!