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hp dl180g6 lights out bmc password won't reset

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hp dl180g6 lights out bmc password won't reset

So, I googled everwheres on resetiing the bmc password.  Mostly I was avoiding tearing apart the machine.  I have tried reflashing it while it was online, which didn't work.  I decieded to just go ahead and go the jumper route.  So, I placed the jumper on D on jp28 as directed from the chasis lid.  I booted the machine up, and it reflashed something.  I removed the jumper, put the machine back together..fired it back up..seems it reflashed again.  Anyhow, I have it online.. and yet login credintials admin admin does not work.  On what ever the flashing was done it said 

     upload light loading srrr/cfg

     bmc sdrr version

    uploading updated sdrr/configuration

    erasing secters done!

    uploading configuration 100 %

    update sdrr/configuration image success

    resetting bmc..

    waiting for bmc initalization...done

  checking the status of the fans -


     So, Did i reset this password or did i ineverdently do something else?  I even tried telnet into the bmc, just incase it was my web browser not working with the webserver.



Re: hp dl180g6 lights out bmc password won't reset


           Please follow the steps to reset the BMC password from the below link as credentials might be incorrect or the password was flashed during the jumper setting.



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