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hp dl380 g4 help !!!

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hp dl380 g4 help !!!

Hi all 


Just today when I visited my server rack, my hp dl380 g4 was running its fans at full speed, so I powered down the server open it up make see if any hardware issues.


I am getting led's errors on my motherboard here is the list:






These LED’s where located next the systems ram slots.




Any help would be nice as I need to get this system back online as soon as possible :) 

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Re: hp dl380 g4 help !!!

Did your IML log anything interesting? It may be more useful than trying to decode the motherboard blinkenlights.

Rarely, I'll have a weird thing like a server rebooting for no apparent reason, and IML didn't log anything, Windows event logs are blissfully unaware, etc. I guess the lights might have provided some insight, but probably not.

The only time I've ever paid any attention to the MB lights are when it won't boot at all, and even then, the front-panel indicators are usually enough. Only once or twice have I had to pop the lid and look at the actual diagnostic lights to get a better idea of what's happening. So I call those a "last resort" type of thing.