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hp dlt vs80 cannot run

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hp dlt vs80 cannot run

dear all,
i would like to ask a question...
i'm new in this forum,,, :)

i have HP proliant 530 , and everytime i start my computer, there's always a notification said "SCSI Bios not installed"
is there anything wrong with my hardware?

also i tried to use tape backup, hp dlt vs80, to that computer, but there always and error code showing up, code 88 : "No devices specified or all devicess are now offline"
and i can't perform the operation,

i'm using linux mandrake 9.2 OS
is there any conflict between the operation system with those hardware??


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Re: hp dlt vs80 cannot run


The "SCSI BIOS not installed" message is normal when you don't have any hard disks attached to the SCSI controller. The BIOS is needed to define the boot disk etc. drive C: or drive D: to the system. It is simply imforming you that BIOS for the embedded Adaptec controllers was not installed since it could not find any attached hard disks on the ports. Your hard disks will probably be attached to a Smart Array controller which will load BIOS for its disks.

As for the backup issue in Linux you probably have to run some configuration to let Linux see the device but I don't have a lot of experience with Linux. If you can see the DLT VS80 reported as attached to your SCSI controller when the system boots it is unlikely to be a hardware problem.

I hope this helps.