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hp proliant dl160 g5

bueds marc
Occasional Contributor

hp proliant dl160 g5

with sata disks

bios was configured in ide mode during install with enhanced mode . Lsi logic controller was used to create a mirror for both disks .

Performance is VERY slow . ( between 45 and 58 seconds on redhat enterprise for a local copy of 340 Mb )
1) I suppose i have to install newer drivers for redhat ( install manual didn't say that ) Any comments anyone

2) What happens when i set the ide mode to RAID

Will my disk configuration still work ( the raid on the lsi ?? )

Of course i'm planning on adding all the drivers for storage from the support cd before rebooting and changing the config .

Sustem is used as a small multi-user zimbra mail server , and performance is really bad , compared to what comparable other systems do.
Tim Chipman
Occasional Visitor

Re: hp proliant dl160 g5

Hi, in case this issue is still open for you (?)

I've seen similar behaviour on a number of other systems. In those cases, the workaround was,

- in bios, change from IDE mode to ACHI or SATA (in the case of the DL160 g5 you must choose "RAID" as the only alternative)

- then during system boot, for the DL160 g5, press F8 to get into the 'raid config' and confirm it is running as a "JBOD" (no raid) - this is the default. In theory you can skip this step...

- then proceed with system install. You may have to reinstall the system from scratch, ie, if it was installed in IDE mode it may no longer boot with the new disk configuration. You may be lucky though..

When I followed this process on a generic intel rackmount server (IDE->AHCI mode) the disk performance improved immediated and massively. In the IDE mode, installation was not complete for stock RHEL/CentOS after ~2 hours. In contrast, with the AHCI disk mode, install proceeded in ~15 minutes or less. (ie, normal timeframe for a basic system install)

Hope this helps a bit,

Tim Chipman
Fortech I.T. Solutions
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Re: hp proliant dl160 g5

If I choose AHCI, then the controller only sees my cd-rom drive. It does not detect my harddrives. It only detects them if I choose RAID or IDE, and they are both painfully slow.