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hp proliant dl380p shutdown automatically

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hp proliant dl380p shutdown automatically

I have 2 hp proliant dl380 g8 with windows server 2012 64bits.

Problem: my both server after 30 to 45 min its not going to sleep mode, but its shutdown automatically.

Kindly help me and guide me what kind of setting I have to change for this issue.

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Re: hp proliant dl380p shutdown automatically

Does the IML show anything, like an entry saying it shutdown because of thermal issues?


Also, does it turn back on okay, or is there some kind of problem with turning it back on when this happens?


Normally I would think a thermal shutdown is the only reason (besides maybe power loss) that the system would actually shut down rather than reboot... I guess there could be other things, but transient memory issues or things like that typically cause some kind of system reboot or an ASR reboot.


The IML should at least get you going in the right direction, if it logged anything at all.

Daren Friday
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Re: hp proliant dl380p shutdown automatically

What is the IML? My DL380e keeps reporting overheat on sensor 12 but almost immediately recovers before shutdown occurs. The fans go balistic though. I have recently upgraded the iLO4 to 1.5 release
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Re: hp proliant dl380p shutdown automatically

IML = Integrated Management Log. There should be an IML viewer app installed, if you used intelligent provisioning to install or used the Service Pack for Proliant setup.

It shows up as "HP Proliant Integrated Management Log Viewer" in your HP System Tools program folder.

If you have an overheating condition, that could definitely cause the system to shut down. Thermal shutdown is enabled by default.

The IML should hopefully show you entries for warnings about overheating and log an entry for the thermal shutdown event itself along with what zone overheated.

I guess if you do have some zone overheating, figure out where that is and then make sure there aren't any obstructions, all fans are working, and if there's anything else that might cause it to overheat. If it's a CPU or something maybe the thermal paste wasn't properly applied at the factory, or maybe there's a SAS cable blocking airflow over some chips, etc.