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hp sent me wrong size hard drive

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hp sent me wrong size hard drive

hi there,


i have a DL180 with 2x160gb and i have configured them as raid array 1


one of the hard drives has failed so i called up HP customer support explaining i need to get another 160gb hd as its part of a raidd array and they have sent me a 250gb?!?!


i called them back up explaining the problem and they ensure me its fine if i use the 250gb hd they sent me as they said as soon as i replace it with the failed 160gb it will work but only see 160gb


is this correct?



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Re: hp sent me wrong size hard drive

It's ok.


Usually you find a paper about this topic in the box.

Hope this helps!

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Re: hp sent me wrong size hard drive

This usually happens when 160GB is not available HP sends out higher Capacity hard drive. Are you saying you replaced the hard drive of 160Gb with 250Gb and raid 1 is not rebuilding?
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