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hp services that can be stopped?

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hp services that can be stopped?


currently i experience a problem with backing up a ml370g5. symantec says they need to test backing up the server while no hp-services are started.

i remember that restarting the nic agents will result in a short loss of network connection.

so i am wondering which of the following services can be stopped, without problems, like that i am no longer able to remote control the server. (just for a test):

insight foundation agents
insight nic agents
insight server agents
insight storage agents
proliant remote monitor
proliant system shutdown
smart array event notification
version control agent
wmi storage providers

maybe you have an idea for me? thanks in advance!

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Re: hp services that can be stopped?

I am also running ML370 G5s. You really should be able to stop all of them (I am not even using the WMI Storage Providers or the smary array event notification.) All the NIC agents do is report information to SIMS and don't have anything to do with NIC functionality. I have stopped the NIC agents and had no trouble remoting to the server.
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Re: hp services that can be stopped?

you just go to Windows Services and stop all Services HP related

stopping a services have nothing to with the function of the Hardware the agent only monitor Hardware and they are stopped or if they fail they just stop monitoring and alerting issues that's it

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: hp services that can be stopped?

that worked without a flaw.