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hp smart array raid migration

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hp smart array raid migration

The current config is Server 2012 R2 Foundation installed on the internal SATA ports (RAID1).  Ineed to migrate OS to a new Raid Array via the H240 Adapter (installing new SAS HHDs, would prefer a RAID5 setup).  Is it possible to seemlessly move the data and after remove the redundant SATA drives/Raid Array? If so, where might I find some resources regarding the proccess?


Server: ML150 Gen9 / 776276-001


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Jimmy Vance

Re: hp smart array raid migration

You can move RAID array(s) configured on the 'B' series Dynamic Smart Array controller to the 'P' series Smart Array controllers.. You should also be able to move the array(s) to the new 'H" series HBA's that support RAID, but I have not attempted this. the 'H' series cntrollers don't have any cache which is a requirement to migrate from one RAID level to another. Also you cannot mix SATA and SAS drives in a single array. The 'P' and 'H' sereis controllers support both types of drives, but a single array can only contain one type i.e. Array A can be SAS and array B can be SATA


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