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hpacucli Interim Recovery Mode + transforming

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hpacucli Interim Recovery Mode + transforming

While adding 2 disks to a raid 5, an other disk failed. The "add" command in hpacucli completed to 100%, but I couldn't do a "modify size=max" afterwards anymore.


Current state is

"logicald drive status: Interim Recovery Mode"


=> ctrl slot=1 ld 1 show

Smart Array P411 in Slot 1

array A

Logical Drive: 1
Size: 10.9 TB
Fault Tolerance: 5
Heads: 255
Sectors Per Track: 32
Cylinders: 65535
Strip Size: 256 KB
Full Stripe Size: 1536 KB
Status: Interim Recovery Mode
Caching: Enabled
Parity Initialization Status: Initialization Completed
Unique Identifier: 600508B1001C854A8FA7FE93D00F0582
Disk Name: /dev/cciss/c1d0
Mount Points: /xxxxx/archive 10.9 TB
Logical Drive Label: AFB3A77CPACCTID12081T4525C7
Drive Type: Data


Smart Array P411 in Slot 1

Array: A
Interface Type: SAS
Unused Space: 0 MB
Status: Failed Physical Drive
Array Type: Data

One of the drives on this array have failed or has been removed.


I tried to add  spare disk, however it says: "Array is transforming"


=> ctrl slot=1 array A add spares=1E:1:11

Error: This operation is not supported with the current configuration. Use the
"show" command on devices to show additional details about the
Reason: Array is transforming


"array is transforming" also occurs if i try to remove the failed disk using the hpacucli command.


I don't dare to simply pull out the broken drive and replace it with a new one at the current state. any hpacucli command isn't allowed, either because of "array is transforming" or because of "interim Recovery Mode".


=> version

ACU CLI Version:
SoulAPI Version:
InfoManager Version: 6.1-29.0


I would be glad about any hints how to replace the failed disk safely without breaking the data on the raid (currently working).

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Re: hpacucli Interim Recovery Mode + transforming

In this case, dont have problem, do you can replace this disk just pull the disk and put another.

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Re: hpacucli Interim Recovery Mode + transforming

Thank you! Simply replacing the disk worked. Recovery is in progress, no data loss.