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hpasm on DL360 G1

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hpasm on DL360 G1


I've upgraded DL360 G1 servers to Debian Etch and RHEL5.
I've successfully installed hpasm versions:
Debian: hpasm-7.8.0-100.etch26
RHEL5: hpasm-7.9.1-13.rhel5

But when I go in HP Insight Manager, servers are recognized but I have no information in the data collection.

For the redhat server, there is no package compatible with RHEL5 in the DL360G1 so this is the version for DL360 G4p.

What can I do to get all the data in the Insight Manager ?
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Re: hpasm on DL360 G1


A correction to what I said, we have installed a debian etch on DL360 g1 and took the hpasm for etch : hpasm-7.8.0-100.etch26
We have no idea if it's working or not with RHEL5.

Basic information are accessible by SNMP but it looks like the hpasm agents are not working, and this is the problem.

Normally, hpasm-7.8.0-100.etch26 is not for DL360G1 (not in supported list), is it possible that the agents in the package does not know how to get informations from this old hardware ?

Perhaps I can mix packages between the one for DL360G1 (RHEL 8 for example) and the latest for Debian. What are the files concerned ?

Thanks for your help