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hpasm registry crashes

Mike Broadbear
Occasional Visitor

hpasm registry crashes

I am working with RHEL 3 on DL 360 Proliants. We are finding that certain registries are disappearing from the /var/spool/compaq/hpasm/registry directory without any apparent reason. The daemons still appear to be running, but SNMP can't find any OID instances since the registry is completely gone.

The cma.log sometimes states that it can't find a certain mib or file, but does not state why the mib or registry has failed.

For instance; I see the following error message in the cma.log:

Mar 01 16:01:34 vadvls07 cmafcad[####]: log_data: open failed, file = /var/spool/compaq/hpasm/registry/fca/phy.3.144

...and I often see problems such as:

Mar 01 15:34:01 vadvls07 cmaided[####]: log_data: open failed, file = mib

A service hpasm restart usually corrects the problem, but this is not an acceptible workaround.

Is there any way to observe any additional logging information, or any tools I can use to further diagnose the problem?