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hpasmd - DL 360 g4p and FreeBSD 8.0-release

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hpasmd - DL 360 g4p and FreeBSD 8.0-release


I found, and I have a similar problem. I have a server: DL 360 g4p and FreeBSD 8.0-release.
I want to somehow no matter how the statistics on temp and fan on this server is under FreeBSD. The most successful, what happened to make this set hpasm 7.22 under FreeBSD 4 with the inclusion of options in the kernel compat4x, with the launch hpasmd, but is not available hpasmcli. When you start hpasmcli wrote that:
HP management CLI for FreeBSD (v7.22)
Copyright 2003,2005 Hewlett-Packard Development Group, LP

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
NOTE: Some hpasmcli commands may not be supported on all Proliant servers.
Type 'help' to get a list of all top level commands.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
SetupChannel () msgget: Permission denied

ERROR: Could not communicate with hpasmd.
Please make sure the hpasmd daemon is started and running properly.

I tried, but as far as understood that this patch only on FreeBSD 5.
And with FreeBSD 5 with the inclusion of options in the kernel compat5x - hpasmd does not start swearing at:
# / Usr / local / etc / rc.d / start

/ Libexec/ / usr/local/lib/compat/ version LIBTHREAD_1_0 required by / usr / sbin / hpasmd not defined

Please reply if any possibility to overcome this matter, that making the statistics.

Thank you in advance.

Please do not take offense at my English.