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hpdiags.exe uses 100%CPU (event log is corrupted?)

Jarno Muntto
Occasional Advisor

hpdiags.exe uses 100%CPU (event log is corrupted?)

We are having a problem with HP Insight Diagnostics(v6.3.0.878A) on windows 2000adv server(sp4).

I can see error in windows event log where hpdiags is saying that its log is corrupter. After logging this error hpdiags.exe uses 100% of one CPU plus leaks some memory. Problem lasts untill i somehow manage to kill this process or server is rebooted.

I've tried to reinstall insight diagostics few times but error occures also after this.

Any ideas what i should try to fix this?
Jarno Muntto
Occasional Advisor

Re: hpdiags.exe uses 100%CPU (event log is corrupted?)

I noticed that there is also version available. I installed it to the server having this problem but it did not help.

I also installed this new version to an another similar server and same problem occured there for the first time also...

Additional info, if i try to stop this service it stops, but hpdiags process eating cpu still remains.