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hpsmhd.service file missing from install

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hpsmhd.service file missing from install

I've gotten hpsmhd installed successfully on my DL380 G8 SuSE 15 box, and I can run it from CLI by using the SMHSTART command, but there is no unit file for autostarting the service under systemd. Does anyone have a pointer?



Re: hpsmhd.service file missing from install

This option is not listed under the user guide of SMH:-


There is an option of Autorestart mode:-

Autostart Mode
Autostart mode is a new feature in HP SMH which, if enabled, stops the Apache server after a user-specfied
timeout (server timeout) period to optimize the system resources. Beyond the server timeout period set, HP
SMH cannot be accessed through port 2381 until it is accessed via port 2301 and thus auto starting HP
SMH on port 2381.
Autostart mode is supported for systems running on Linux operating systems. By default, in HP SMH 6.2 first
installation, Autostart mode is disabled on the HP SMH systems. It can be enabled either from the GUI or
through the Command Line Interface.
To configure autostart mode start up from the Command Line Interface, run the following command:
smhconfig -D|--autostart TRUE|FALSE
where, selecting TRUE enables the autostart mode and FALSE disables the autostart mode.

When Autostart mode is enabled, you can set the timeout in minutes for the server timeout value between 1
and 60 minutes (default value is 30 minutes)


Please refer to Page 69

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