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hpssacli and ilo

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hpssacli and ilo

Hello dear community,

Something very strange that I experienced on 3 of my ProLiant BL460c Gen8.
When I check raid status through hpssacli command in OS, I get following result

# hpssacli ctrl all show status

Smart Array P220i in Slot 0 (Embedded)
Controller Status: OK
Cache Status: Temporarily Disabled
Battery/Capacitor Status: Recharging

When I check through ilo, it tells me all ok [green] as you see below:



Question is, which one shall I trust ilo or hpssacli ? I would say ilo, makes more sense.
I think battery status did flap at some point and generate this situation.
Is there a magic hpssacli option that will force resfresh its status ? I've tried already a rescan already but no changes.
Most probably a server power-cylce will fix this, but was looking for an "online" fix if there is one...


Re: hpssacli and ilo


I hope all is well.

As per shared information, Battery/Capacitor Status is showing "Recharging" mode. Current SA P220i firmware 4.68 needs to update with the latest because it is running very old firmware.

Update SA P220i firmware as per the below sequence. 4.68----->6------>7.02 or 7.02 (B)------>8.32

I think the server is running very old bios and firmware. I would request you check/update the server with the latest bios to avoid and production impact.

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Re: hpssacli and ilo

Hi @1000ouz ,

You should check Battery/cache status in ILO and until it report Battery/Cache Status is FAILED, there is nothing to worry about.

I believe this status its normal during battery charge cycle (Discharging-Charging),

Battery may be having very low charge that point of time.


As suggested by @SanjeevGoyal ,  you should update controller firmware to latest.


Hope this helps!



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Re: hpssacli and ilo

first update the card fw ,  use SPP iso could be easy way .

second , if you have other server with same card ,switch the Capacitor . see if the issue still same.  

replace a p220 Battery/capacitor is not that much cost now.