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hpsum /use_latest

mark q
Regular Advisor

hpsum /use_latest


I'm about to be using the commandline version for the installation of support paq's and firmware, and I'm wondering if there are any customer advisories and I copy in the pertinant file will the /use_latest option do the updates when the server is built?
Michael Garner_1
Honored Contributor

Re: hpsum /use_latest

Depending on what you are attempting to do, the /use_latest option may not be the correct one to use. The /use_latest option tells HPSUM to install the latest bundle if there are multiple bundles in the directory where HPSUM is executed.

If you want to update components within a bundle to a newer version of the component (ie want to use PSP 7.91 but a later driver has been released), you need to use the /allow_update_to_bundle option. This allows the newer component to replace its equivalent component within a bundle.

If you want to add firmware to a bundle, you'll need to use the /allow_non_bundle_components option. This option allows components that are not part of the bundle to be added as part of the installation set.

Michael Garner
HPSUM Architect
mark q
Regular Advisor

Re: hpsum /use_latest

I actually tried this yesterday because of a problem and so here's what I did

copy in the support paq
configure the support paq
copy in the firmware maintaince cd
copy in any advisories

Now when I run the install with the allow non-bundle products option I get all of the above in one install.