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hwdiscovery.exe fails in SSTK 2003 install

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hwdiscovery.exe fails in SSTK 2003 install


When installing 2003 SP1 from the SmartStart CD, hwdiscovery.exe from within Windows works fine. If I use the scripting toolkit and use the same source media and PSP, hwdiscovery.exe returns then following error which appears a number of times:

dwIOCTL: 467448 last error was: 1

The XML file does get created, but clearly something isn't right as this works without error from a build launched from the SmartStart CD.

To try and recreate the SmartStart install using SSTK, we kicked off an SS build and after text-mode setup booted to WinPE and copied the all files and folders (other than Windows, $..etc, i.e. only those that SS would have added), then updated our SSTK build with those files and the unattend.txt. Although the build *appeared* to complete exactly the same as the SS build, hwdiscovery.exe returned the same error.

I know in WinPE that the cpqasm2.sys device must be installed, but this file doesn't exist on the SS-installed server where hwdiscovery works fine.

So my question is: what are we missing from the SSTK install to get hwdiscovery.exe to work?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Re: hwdiscovery.exe fails in SSTK 2003 install


Are you having problems running hwdiscovery.exe under WinPE or Windows Server 2003?

If WinPE, make sure you have integrated the drivers that are provided with the Toolkit. These are included in the hpDrivers directory. There is an executable that you run, press the Extract button and point it to your i386 directory of your WinPE distribution. You can also read the User's Guide provided with Toolkit.

If the problem is with Windows Server 2003, then make sure you run the ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) at the end of the OS installation. This is what SmartStart does at the end of the OS installation to install cpqasm2 and many other drivers.