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iLO Amplifier Pack virtual media error

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iLO Amplifier Pack virtual media error

Trying to deploy SPP to my servers with iLO Amplifier Pack. Always fails with the following error:

Non Interactive Update job failed because Stage Failed: Error Message: Unable to mount the specified baseline through iLO Virtual Media due to one or more of the following reasons: (1). The baseline is not accessible. (2) The HTTP server hosting the baseline is busy. Resolution: Verify the specified baseline is accessible, and ensure no other media is mounted through iLO Virtual Media. Retry the operation. If the problem persists, contact your authorized support representative and provide them with support logs.

I am able to mount the baseline using Integrated Remote Console and iLOrest using URI of baseline iso hosted on both iLO Amplifier Pack as well as an external web server.

iLO Amplifier Pack version: 1.50

SPP Version: P19089_001_spp-2019.03.1-SPP2019031.2019_0425.6.iso

SUT Version:

iLO Version: 2.61

Server: DL360 Gen9

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Re: iLO Amplifier Pack virtual media error

Hi ,

thank you for writing to us, this looks like something new to us, just make sure the destination is pingable or reachable from the amplifier network.

if that does, and despite that firmwaer update fails, 

I request you to have a proper case be logged with HP, and share the appropriate logs for further analysis.





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Re: iLO Amplifier Pack virtual media error

This is resolved. It was a firewall issue, 443 was open from amplifier pack to iLo but also needed a rule for 443 from iLo to amplifier pack.