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iLO IPMI and Smart Array controller

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iLO IPMI and Smart Array controller

Hello everyone,


Not entirely sure if this is the right subforum but here goes.


We've got a bunch of HP Proliant DL360/380 G6/G7/G8's that we'd want to monitor through IPMI. Thankfully HP's iLO 2 and 3 talk IPMI v2 just fine and I can read just about any sensor data I need, except for the disks.


I called Business Support and what they told me is "Yes that's because the iLO can't read disk states that are behind a Smart Array controller, get rid of that one and just use SATA".


Getting rid of the Smart Array Controller is simply not an option and I'd expect it to have a bunch of sensors on board that just plug into an IPMB to make that data available over IPMI. However, a listing of the SDR's on any of our machines simply refuses to show anything Disk and Array related. A query specifically for the sdr type "Drive Slot / Bay" also returns empty.


Does anyone have an idea if it is at all possible to get this data over IPMI? Are there some 'hidden' sdr's with that information that I can access through raw IPMI command's and if yes, what are those?



Beforne anyone asks, I'm aware we could get this information from the RIBCL XML interface of the iLO. However, RIBCL is so dramatically slow I'd rather not.


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Re: iLO IPMI and Smart Array controller

I'm surprised to see that no-one has any idea / knows anything on the subject. I'd expect there to be ample people using this feature and documentation about HP's IPMI implementation but I guess I was wrong.


I've managed to get a ball rolling about this at HP, I hope, so they might shed some light on the situation.