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iLO MIBs not responding as expected

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iLO MIBs not responding as expected

I'm trying to monitor System health using an external monitoring system that is polling the iLO., but the OID is returning a fault condition that is not displayed on the iLO web browser.

I am looking for the cpqhlth.mib 1.. System Status it is returning a vaue of 4 which means Failed.  Thre other servers are returining values of 2 which is "OK".

I wonder if I have an incorrect MIB definition on the server. I am running iLO 4 version 2.72 on a DL380 Gen 9 server with Windows server 2012.

1. Is this the correct MIB file for that version of iLO 4?

2. Where are the MIB files for iLO physically located on the server?  If I can find them I could check to see that  have the correct version but they don't appear in a search of the C: drive.



Re: iLO MIBs not responding as expected


As far as I know, there is no specific MIB for iLO.  We have MIB for SIM and ProLiant.

HPE ProLiant Agentless Management Service for HPE Apollo, ProLiant and Synergy Gen9 servers

MIB's should be located under Program Files folder, look at this article

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