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iLO - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Expired Certificate

Occasional Contributor

iLO - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Expired Certificate

Have a server being flagged with the following vulnerabiity on my iLO nic:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Expired Certificate

Recommendation: Replace the expired certificate with a new, valid certificate.


iLO Software

iLO Firmware: 3 1.82


If downgrade to iLO Firmware: 3 1.80 vulnerability goes away but get flagged for other vulnerabilities cause it's not at the latest version.  Upgrade back up to 3 1.82 and cert does not get updated and is being flagged.


Any ideas/suggestions??



Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Expired Certificate

You probably still have the iLO default Self-Signed SSL Certificate in place.  


Just like the default Administrator password that comes printed on the Toe-Tag that you problably already changed with your own admin password, users are also supposed to replace the iLO default SSL certificate with a "trusted" SSL Certificate signed by your own Certification Authority as soon as iLO is configured.


Why is this important? Because Self-Signed SSL Certificates make you vulnerable to Man-In-The-Middle attacks.  So, get those self-signed certs replaced as soon as you can.  


If you don't have a Certification Authority in your organization, you need to create a Root CA and also a subordinate CA that will sign the iLO CSRs.


Refer to the iLO user guide for more information about how to import SSL Certificates into iLO.





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