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iLO TS Pass Through.

Mark Dale_3
Occasional Advisor

iLO TS Pass Through.

I'm trying to get the terminal services pass through working on an iLO in a DL380. The box is stand-alone and sits in a DMZ. (The iLO is connected to the live LAN). Details;

OS - W2K SP4
iLO Man Driver -
Firmware - 1.55
Pass through Srv - 1.0B
Obviously the .Net framework is also installed.

Client: XP Pro SP2RC2.

I can connect to the iLO but when using the remote console I just that... pressing the Terminal Services button trys to attach to 'ip address:3389' but fails and the usual remote console is dispalyed again.

Any ides, tips or pointers?


Doug Wogan
Regular Advisor

Re: iLO TS Pass Through.

3389 is the port RDP uses for connection. If your server is in a DMZ my guess would be you are not allowing traffic through that port.
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO TS Pass Through.

Hi Mark,

Had the same issue last week, however I quickly concluded that as all the firewall port rules, I would need to open TCP Port 3389 (TermSvcs) Inbound traffic on the firewall.

I am also assuming that the Ilo Management driver was installed prior installation of Passthroughservice..

Hope it helps and dont forget to assign points:)

Mark Dale_3
Occasional Advisor

Re: iLO TS Pass Through.

Thanks for all your suggestions. However, I think I have them all covered.

Althougth the iLO server is in a DMZ the card itself is pathed through to the internal network. (security risk?).

As for the driver/service installation order; I have upgraded the driver after the service but a full server reboot has been completed there after. Think this should be okay?


Andy McCreath
Frequent Advisor

Re: iLO TS Pass Through.

Mark, no huge risk as long as there is no IP-Forwarding or associations.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO TS Pass Through.

Another thing to check is to see if it's a weirdness in spawning the terminal services session or if it's a communications problem itself.

In XP you can call up the TS client by going Start --> Run --> MSTSC [enter]. In the fill-in box, enter the iLO's IP address followed by :3389 as in

If it can connect that way, then there is some other weirdness, maybe JRE?
Mark Dale_3
Occasional Advisor

Re: iLO TS Pass Through.

Good morning,

I've tried running MSTSC specifying the IP address and port but it timed out.

I've also checked (port scan) that the iLO is listening on 3389 and it is.

The Java plugin I'm using is version 1.3.1_02. Any known problems with that?

Thanks for all your help.