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iLO-card doesn´t register with DNS

Johan Fondin
Occasional Contributor

iLO-card doesn´t register with DNS

In the iLO web-interface, under Network Settings there´s a choice for "DDNS" (dynamic...) When it is checked it should register automatically one would think.But that doesn´t happen, why doesn´t the iLO register with the DNS?

Re: iLO-card doesn´t register with DNS


The iLO will be properly registered and discovered under the following conditions:

The network contains properly configured WINS and DNS servers and iLO is configured to register with the servers. The DNS servers will then use the WINS servers to resolve the names and IP addresses.
iLO has been active on the network for over 91 hours.
iLO has been active on the network using a previous version of the firmware and then upgraded to Firmware Version 1.40.
Static IP addresses are used and the DNS names have been manually entered into the DNS database.
DNS is being used and DDNS is not being used and the DNS database is being updated manually.

Please refer the following doc for the same:

Respected Contributor

Re: iLO-card doesn´t register with DNS

Hi Johan!

There is one more way for creating A record in DNS automatically. If the DHCP server is configured correctly and registering in DNS allowed - the iLO will be registered in DNS.
Ben Vallance

Re: iLO-card doesn´t register with DNS

We had an issue with registering long ILO network names on DNS.

Our names were longer than the netbios limit (15 chars), which stoped the ILO being registered on WINS (which we are not worried about) but also stopped the ILO being registered with DNS.

Under network settings we set "Register With WINS Server: No" and before long the ILO registered correctly with DNS