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iLO password reset from host OS

Binand Sethumadhavan
Occasional Contributor

iLO password reset from host OS


Is there any utility to reset the iLO password from the host OS (RHEL3.0, in my case). I have a large number of DL360G3/G4 servers. I just got my network recabled, and now all the iLOs are patched up. Unfortunately, I don't have the original passwords. Are they any way related to the server serial number?

These are headless servers (there are many hundreds of them) in several remote datacenters, hence it is not practical to attach a monitor/keyboard, reboot the box, and reset to factory defaults. I don't have the factory defaults either, anyway. :)


David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO password reset from host OS

Sorry, Kov, that solution still requires a password.


Visit and you need the "HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (x86)" which will allow you to run from the command line of each server to change the configuration of the iLO in that one server alone. In order to run it, you must at least have "HP Lights-Out Drivers and Agents for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (x86)" as well.
Binand Sethumadhavan
Occasional Contributor

Re: iLO password reset from host OS


That sort of worked. I installed hponcfg RPM and ran (on a box on which I already have iLO access):

/usr/lib/hponcfg -w /tmp/ilo -l /tmp/log

I got a file in /tmp, with these contents

USER_NAME = "Administrator"
USER_LOGIN = "admin"

The PASSWORD field is empty. I assumed I can just put in a password of my choice and run hponcfg -f /tmp/ilo. But, when I tried that, I got this:

/usr/lib/hponcfg -f /tmp/ilo
Firmware Revision = 1.80 Device type = iLO Driver name = cpqci
ERROR : STATUS= 0x0001
MESSAGE= Syntax error: Line #0: syntax error near "" in the line: ""
Script failed

I presume the file format is a bit different for -w and -f. Can you help me in getting the format right?

I am attaching the file generated by hponcfg -w here.