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iLO problem on my BL 20p G3

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Albert Austin
Esteemed Contributor

iLO problem on my BL 20p G3


Im having a bit of a problem accessing iLO from the back NIC ports of my Blades. I have installed WIn 2003 OS on the blades by accessing iLO with connector module in front.I have also assigned an IP address so that I can access iLO from NIC 4 from the patch panel adapter at the back. But I havent been successful in accessing it. I cant even ping it.

But that is not as confusing as when I look at the network connections on each blade through control panel windows shows me 4 NIC connections. It gets even stranger when I connect to iLO port(NIC 4) at the back NIC 3 in windows shows connectivity and connect cable in NIC 3 windows shows NIC 4 with conectivity! Has anyone noticed this issue and managed to solve it?

I have always thought iLO port is not even accessible through windows. I have checked this issue in another installation I had carried out before and it confirmed my doubts that I was able to only see 3 NICs and not 4.

Any help is appreciated.

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO problem on my BL 20p G3

What type of enclosure you have Original one or Enhanced?
#4 you must be with Original? Or you have central Ilo at Management Module in Enhanced?
What you use Static IP Bay or DHCP for Configuration?
Is a dongle left at front Ilo connector?

Re: iLO problem on my BL 20p G3

ILO is not accessible throught Windows (unless with hponcfg that enables you to configure ILO settings).

I think you've mistaken the port for the ILO.
As for us, we connect the ILO to the ILO port that is on the right of the enclosure. As you have 8 blades BL20p G3 per enclosure, you can reach 8 different ILOs with only one cable.

The 4 NICs are only for "normal" connection, not managment.
Albert Austin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: iLO problem on my BL 20p G3

Thanx Kov and Luangsay for your input. I was not able to log onto the forum sooner as I had misplaced my User Id. My enclosure is a enhanced one and yes I also have a iLO port on the right side of the encloseure on the management module. I guess I have an idea now how to go about setting up iLO, Static bay IP addressing is the solution.

Thanx again.