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iLO remcons not bringing up console ...

Marc G. Fournier
Occasional Contributor

iLO remcons not bringing up console ...

I posted earlier about an inconsistent boot up problem, and have since narrowed it down to "the server boots fine, remote console just doesn't show anything" ...

The Server is a DL360 G4P ... iLO is 1.82 ... HP BIOS P54 08/16/2005 ...

I ended up putting a monitor/keyboard onto it, and everything looks fine from there, its just trying to use remcons from iLO that seems to be the problem, where I don't get anything, or, in the case of now, I'm getting told that its already in use by someone else, as if I have to somehow reset the connection ... ?

Anyone with experience with this model that has seen something like this? Suggestions?

Thx ..

Joachim Ring
Occasional Visitor

Re: iLO remcons not bringing up console ...

Same problem here with DL380G3 and ILO FW 1.82 (olders had it too). When rebooting the box most of the time the ssh console gets stuck with the message "Monitored Server Console Is In An Unsupported Text Mode" which normally stays only for a few seconds but here doesn't go away. Server boots fine though, only remote console is locked.

To recover from this without sneakers you can go to the ilo web interface and change for example the ssh port to something else and back - thus resetting the ilo (twice unfortunately - would be nice to have a button saying "reset ilo").

When you then log in via ssh remcons is fine again - until the next reboot...