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iLO screen res 800x600?

Frank N. Stein
Occasional Contributor

iLO screen res 800x600?

I'm using iLO 1.91 to remotely access a DL360 G4p. The highest resolution I can set on it while logged in remotely is 800x600. This doesn't give me enough room Remote Console to view certain apps.
When I first access the Remote Console, a minimized window opens in which the remote desktop "more than fills" the window. I resize the window to see all of the desktop and then drag the window out even farther in hopes that the desktop image size will expand with it, but it does not and the actual "image" of the remote screen doesn't even come close to taking up all of the space in the Remote Console.
Is there a way to make the image of the desktop that appears in your remote console larger, or is there a way to get something like 1024x768 resolution?
By the way, I'm running Xubuntu 10.04, and it has resolutions of up to 1366x768 available when directly connected.
Frank N. Stein
Occasional Contributor

Re: iLO screen res 800x600?

Okay, I updated the firmware to 1.94 and that didn't change anything. I've noticed in another thread that others were suggesting updating the iLO2 firmware to 2.05.
Can somebody give me a link to that?
The most recent firmware I can find is 1.94.