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iLO2 not responding

Occasional Contributor

iLO2 not responding

i have a brand new DL380G6 with latest release of firmware here.
At the first starts i have configured the iLO-Port normally. At the last 2 or 3 starts i get this message when server starts up with BIOS: iLO 2 not responding
Whats wrong with that???
Many thanks.
Fran Garcia
Frequent Advisor

Re: iLO2 not responding

Exactly that, your ilo2 is not responding and you'll probalbly won't have hardware monitoring because of that :-) .

To reboot the ilo card, you'll need to poweroff the system and then disconnect the power cords for a few seconds. Then poweron and voilà. (I think you can reset the iLo card from the OS, but you'll need the Proliant Support Pack and I don't know the exact procedure).

I'd recommend you check for new firmware updates (specially iLo and operating systems drivers for iLo).