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iLO4 FW version 2.55 SSL certificate import errors

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iLO4 FW version 2.55 SSL certificate import errors

We have SSL certificates generated from DigiCert, using CSRs from the iLO cards, whenever we attempt to import the certificate into the iLO we get this error:

Error: The Certificate could not be imported from the supplied X.509 Certificate data.

Verify the following: 
- The input text was base64-encoded X.509 certificate data.
- The provided certificate data was intended for this server (not another server).


The certificates are .PEM format, what could the issue be?  I see that there were previously issues with importing certs over a certain size, ours are definitely over that size at 5.25Kb, is that still a thing?


Re: iLO4 FW version 2.55 SSL certificate import errors

Please note these following points 

If you have reset ILO during the process you have to use the new certificate.

After you obtain the certificate, ensure that:
• The Common Name (CN) matches the iLO FQDN. This is listed as the iLO Hostname on
the Information→Overview page.
• The certificate is generated as a base 64-encoded X.509 certificate, and is in the RAW
• The first and last lines are included in the certificate.

After installing Restart iLO.

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