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iLO4 firmware update - is it apply?

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iLO4 firmware update - is it apply?

Hi ... just run hp-firmware-ilo4-2.55-1.1.i386.rpm on a ProLiant DL360 Gen9 with CentOS7. Apparently didn't do anything since I still got version 2.20. I didn't get any error while running it (  sudo yum install hp-firmware-ilo4-2.55-1.1.i386.rpm ). 

Any ideas? ... already reset iLO config and reboot that server, but still ... :(

thanks in advance


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Re: iLO4 firmware update - is it apply?


Usually update throught iLO itself. Download BIN file - and put it in as firmware in ilo. 



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Re: iLO4 firmware update - is it apply?

Thanks for the hint. I would prefer to do it via OS since I have a lot of machines to update. Therefore, scripting would be the best option, if available.

But thanks anyway  ;)

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Re: iLO4 firmware update - is it apply?

There are so many different options to update ILO firmware ...

("running" the rpm will only extract the *.scexe file from it).

See the instal instruction on the download pages:



To update firmware from the Linux operating system on target server:
Download the SCEXE file to the target server.
Execute: sh CP0xxxxx.scexe

 To obtain firmware image for updating via iLO user interface, utilities, or scripting interface:
Download the SCEXE file to a client running a Linux operating system.  Execute: sh  CP0xxxxx.scexe --unpack=directory
This command will unpack the ilo4_1XX.bin into a user specified "directory". If the directory does not exist, the unpacker will attempt to create it.



However, if you want to update many ILOs, there are other ways to do this.

Have a look at ILO federation, for example. Also at ILO Amplifier.

Consider also to start hpsum out of a current SPP Image, point to your ILOs by specifiing an address range and update them all at once.

Hope this helps!

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