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iLo 4 setup for remote access offsite


iLo 4 setup for remote access offsite

Hello All


I've used ilo's for year for remote access as it's quite a life saver. I just normally forward port 443 to the ilo address and away you go i can access it as well as the remote console.


iLo4 seems different. It works fine if I'm onsite and connected to the lan itself, but the remote access seems broken. I can access everything ok on the monitoring side, but when i click on the remote access section and the launch button, the little popup that first downloads and runs the remote desktop type session fails (nothing happens).


I'm forwarding the usual 443 and the other ports of 17990.


I'd be grateful for any help as this is making the remote access fairly useless at present.


I'm using iLo 4 Advanced license - v1.20



Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: iLo 4 setup for remote access offsite

When you click on the .NET Remote Console link, the browser will attempt to download an app called IRC.exe to your local drive using Microsoft ClickOnce. The location of this executable after being successfully downloaded on a Win7/8 client should be somewhere inside "C:\Users\<your-username>\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\" folder

If ClickOnce is failing in that external environment for some reason, you can try to find the IRC.exe previously downloaded from another machine located onsite and copy it to yours.  


The only difference between executing this app offline is that you will have to manually provide the iLO IP address and login credentials.

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