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iLo Embedded User Partition


iLo Embedded User Partition



I just have a little question. I search on the net without result.

In the Proliant Server G9 it's possible to make in the iLo an Embedded User Partition with 1GB and install the ESXi 5.5.


But what's happend if my customer press a long time on the UID button and it's make a factory reset from the iLo?


Stay the Embedded User Partition and not data will be lost?

Or is the Embedded User Partition deleted?


Thanks for your response!


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Re: iLo Embedded User Partition

As I know, long press UID won't cause data loss, it works with following situation:  


iLO Reboot Switch allows you to reset the iLO or HP ProLiant hardware via the UID button in the case where iLO may not be
responding. Use the following methods for reset by holding UID button for :
- 5 seconds to request a graceful iLO reboot
- 10 seconds demands a hardware iLO reboot



hope this do help you!

Re: iLo Embedded User Partition

Thanks for your answer.


I read this:


ILO Hardware Reset:
Press and hold the UID button on the front panel of the server for 10 seconds or longer to trigger the ILO hardware reset to the factory defaults.


What's happen on the Embedded User Partition? I hope nothing but I'm not sure. Has anyone already test?

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Re: iLo Embedded User Partition

Since you configure the embedded partitin from BIOS or UEFI, I would assume it is not affected by an ILO reset.

But why not test it as long as you don't have it in production?

Reset ILO and check if the partition is still there (I would assume it is).

Hope this helps!

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Re: iLo Embedded User Partition

It appears to be confliciting information on the use of the UID button to reset iLO


The iLO 4 users guide provides more detail on using the UID button to reset iLO.   It states that neither a graceful reboot or hardware reboot makes any changes to the iLO configuration data


Page 323



I have to check with the iLO team to see which is correct


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Re: iLo Embedded User Partition



I open a case at Friday and I wait an Answer from the Support. I will give you here what the SUpport say.



Re: iLo Embedded User Partition

OK I become a answer from HP:


So I went through the case description and I supposed in the begging that it was a simple question that I can rapidly answer from documentation or internal database but surprisingly I found nothing about it , this topic was not covered in any our public or internal documentation! so I decided to test it in our internal lab .


Please find bellow the answer to the questions:


  • The UID button when pressed for 10 seconds does not reset any ILO setting to factory default but it will do an ILO hard reset (ILO reboot)  , This feature is useful went ILO is no longer accessible and IMPI soft reboot can’t be performed (graceful reboot) . It is a hardware power removal and restore to ILO (not the entire server) that will allow online ILO recovery in the unlikely probability that ILO  is hanged. A public support document stated that this action reset the settings to factory default but I confirmed with the ILO team that this is wrong and I will manage to get this document updated or removed ( .
  • Performing an ILO hard reboot does not impact the user partition neither by deleting the NAND content nor by temporarily resetting the access to it . When I performed the test in our lab , the hypervisor remained accessible and online.

Have a nice day