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iLo3 alertmail / hardware failure notifications


iLo3 alertmail / hardware failure notifications

Hi all, looking for a simple hardware failure notification solution for our physical HP servers.

iLo4 works on the newer generation servers with the "alertmail" feature.  But not sure that is an option with iLo3 on the older generation (G7) servers.  I don't see the option there.  Might it be in a newer version?

Woud rather not talk about HPSIM.  :)

thank you for any help!

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Re: iLo3 alertmail / hardware failure notifications

As you've noticed, ilo3 doesn't have that feature.  If you want to monitor hardware events on your Proliant and have it emailed to you, there are a couple options.

You don't like HPSIM and that's okay... it can be a pain to setup, especially for a small # of servers (or just 1 server, it makes little sense).  There are some freeware SNMP monitors out there that you could point at your system and collect various events, but once again it's a pain to setup something like that for a single server.

You didn't mention what operating system you use.  I'm only familiar with Windows running on Proliant, and once you've installed all of the HP management software, take a look in the "HP Management Agents" program group.  There's an app called "Event Notifier Config" where you can setup an SNMP address, from/to for emails, and then pick what events you want emailed to a specific recipient.  It relies on what the management agent can detect so if the agent service is stopped, or the OS itself crashes, you won't get anything, but it can give you an advance notice of other events like pre-failures, thermal warnings, etc.

The management agent for other operating systems might have a similar feature (Linux, etc) but I'm just not familiar enough to know.  The last native Linux install I did on a Proliant was several years ago and HP didn't have many Ubuntu packages available at the time.


Re: iLo3 alertmail / hardware failure notifications

Hi waaronb, thank you for replying.

The OS on the servers is Linux RedHat 6.5.

I've used HPSIM with windows server and it was usufull.  It worked.

With these Linux server though it has proven to be many times harder to setup and almost useless.  Not an exageration.  Almost useless.

The HP support people straight up told me to just use HPSUM.  HPSIM did not work for updating the servers.

So we're using HPSUM for updates.  Its a simple tool, but its working, mostly.

At this point we just need hardware failure notifications.

I wonder if there is an equivilant of the "event notifier config" for the Linux servers.  Anyone know?  Would be a favor.