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iSCSI Target issue after Service Release/Driver update

Occasional Advisor

iSCSI Target issue after Service Release/Driver update

We have a DL380 G5 Win Storage Server 2003 R2 which I recently tried to update with Service Release 7.1, which had its own issues and so I think I just manually updated all the various drivers/firmwares on the server.

Since then I have not been able to connect to the iSCSI targets on this server from other server OS's, Server 03/08 but I can connect to an target from my Win7 Pro machine.

On the other servers the target just never comes up. I have deleted and recreated targets over and over and nothing. But again, my Win7 machine gets on fine.

Any suggestions on what I can try to get this working again?
Or how I can even diagnose further?

Servers and my Win7 machine are on same network/subnet so don't think it is network issue.
Also the server has the HP iSCSI target license and now also the HP Accelerated iSCSI license too.

It seems like it stopped working after I updated the network card firmware/drivers.