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imaging mirrored drives in DL360

Dale Longlitz
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imaging mirrored drives in DL360

Further to the article previously stated, I have two servers, both DL360s with same hardware configuration with the exception of higher processor speeds in the one I want to mirror/upgrade to. The current operating unit has been configured with Small Business Server on two mirrored drives. I want to create this higher speeded new server with this same configuration. From this article, would it be possible to remove the drive in the matching slot from the first unit and place it in the second server same slot and boot it up. Once the operating system loaded, I can add the second drive. Is there anything else that should be configured? Array Controller?
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Re: imaging mirrored drives in DL360

Should work, just do not initialize the new server's drive when you set it up. Put it on the controller, add it and do not initialize it.
I know the SmartRAID manual says the controller will attempt to install the newly inserted drives at power up and this may work if you move both drives together.
"You can also move a complete array from one controller to another (even if the controllers are on different servers)." "Move the drives,Power up the system. A 1724 POST message is displayed, indicating that drive positions were changed and the configuration was updated." "CAUTION: If a â Not Configuredâ POST message is displayed, power the system down immediately to avoid data loss, and then return the drives to their original locations." This would be the controller starting to initialize or 'format' the driv
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