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imd on proliant 5500

carlos salazar_1
Occasional Visitor

imd on proliant 5500

Hi guys

I am trying to install an imd on a proliant 5500 (that never had one)

I have the y cable, whats really odd is that the connector is split in two, because of the size of the plug in the peripheral board I can only attach one of the two ends of the y cable to the peripheral board

In the smartstart configuration screen it says that its not installed

What am I doing wrong?
Honored Contributor

Re: imd on proliant 5500


You may have the wrong part... there are a few IMD's available.

What is the Spare Part Number or Option Part Number on the IMD?

What speed/type processor is your 5500?
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carlos salazar_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: imd on proliant 5500

its a dual xeon 400 (P II) , the model/number of the imd thats more interesting..............I THINK that it is 271930-001

Thank you for your help
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: imd on proliant 5500


The spare part no is correct buy cable connector is different. see in image.
And it is connected at Peripheral Board near to serial port connector on Peripheral Board

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
nick hills
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Re: imd on proliant 5500

i have the same part number, and the cable you require...problem is, i need the cable you have...perhaps we can help each other out.

the cable i have is a 33pin straight through cable ie, pin 1 connects to pin 1. This is on a 34 pin idc connector, like a floppy cable. if you cut the connector from the end, and refit it before the twist, you should have a working cable for your imd.

any chance you can let me know how the one you have is wired. thanks in advance
Jon Ward
Trusted Contributor

Re: imd on proliant 5500

Does the cabling look anything like page 13 of ?

Is there any indication of power on the IMD itself? Can it be used on another system to test it?